Roche is a french reunionese multidisciplinary artist living in the Mediterranean basin. 

    After getting a degree in animation from Gobelins, they directed a short film, Couchée, for French Television.
They previously worked as an art director for Buck in Los Angeles, and are currently pursuing their  projects in sculpture, painting and illustration. Their work has been exhibited in Leiminspace gallery Los Angeles, Barney Savage in New York, among other galleries in Europe and the US. They recently won the Young Gun 19 award for their work in illustration.  

     They find their inspiration in the different mediums they use // whether digital or traditional, 2 or 3 dimensional , moving images or stills // and the connections they find between them.  Building a bridge between virtual and physical realities, they explore what lies at the crossroad of opposite worlds, states, energies, expanding their fascination for what is ever elusive and constantly transforming.


 gallery shows

Past exhibitions : 

    2020 - Salon d’Aout,  Group show, Anteism gallery, Montreal, Canada

    2020 - Homework,  Group show, Uprise Art gallery, New York, USA

    2020 - Ille Digitale,  Group show, Ille Digital virtual gallery, Germany


    2019 - Entre Vues,  solo show, Barney Savage gallery, New York, USA

    2019 - Permanence/Impermanence, solo show, Leiminspace gallery, Los Angeles, USA 

    2019 - For The Many , Group Show, The Chopping Block gallery, London, UK   

    2019 - Soft Strobe , Solo Show, Cartoon Network Studios gallery, Los Angeles, USA

    2017 - Figures and Grounds , Duo Show, Nucleus gallery,  Los Angeles, USA

    2016 - Echo au Desert , Duo Show, Nucleus gallery,  Los Angeles

    2015 - Le Salsifis du Bengale , Group Show , Annecy, France

    2012 - Squame, Group Show , Sergent Paper gallery , Paris, France