We constantly travel between different plans of reality. From a physical world to a virtual world, in our daily life, we redefine ourselves, and new identities emerge.
In these moments of passage from one state to the other, physical structures lose their definition, everything material and settled gets dissolved.
Prerequisites are abandoned to a larger field of creativity. Identity then becomes fluid, shaped into what the sovereign self wants to be perceived as in society. 
It creates an extensive opportunity to explore the subtle moment when that transformation occurs, to break it apart in an explosion of forms, deconstructed in every way. This chemical reaction, operating between the body and the screen, veil onto which is fixed a reality, dismantles those ever constricting spaces where rules are set, hierarchy established.
Every layer is a new curtain, hiding or revealing a new possibility for us to explore. Some pierce through that filter, some accumulate and exist through them.
The virtual body becomes an escape from the limits fixed by reality and different forms of conventionality. Gender, nationality, names, and appearances are all flexible and replaceable and require no relationship to the real world. These new identities are also portable and increasingly have the ability to transcend their origins and move to other social networks, other virtual worlds, giving one the ability to claim, REclaim one’s identity.
To open a new dialogue established by individuals, opposing restrictions of the world we live in, a biased system. 
In this perpetual movement lie all so many choices, to infinitely create and recreate oneself.